We are men of different countries and continents. And we all share the inspiration to awaken our potential. 

We seek improvements in all areas of our lives. As we embrace our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Jivan Mukta, PhD.

Jivan Mukta, PhD. is a dedicated Kundalini yogi, teacher, lead trainer (Level 1 & 2), mentor and healer born in Chile in 1977.

In the field of alternative therapies, he is the creator and director of "Meditative Healing Program" which has been taught in half a dozen of countries in Europe. In 2012 Jivan Mukta designed “The Meditative Healing Program™”. 

Jivan Mukta is also trained as a Political Scientist and a Historian in his home country. He received his Doctoral degree in Study of Religions from the University of Helsinki. He has published several articles on spirituality, yoga and healing.

He is married and a father of two children and from 2011 he has been part of several projects to teach Kundalini Yoga & spiritual living for men. In 2015 he developed the education “Total Man Training” first launched in China and Estonia. Jivan Mukta is currently based in Finland and has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of spiritual teaching and healing.

With his wife they have manifested their call for spiritual service through Yoga Lafontaine, and they currently live in Gran Canaria.

Karta Purkh Singh

Karta Purkh Singh is a compassionate and dedicated man born in Germany. He is a certified Teacher Trainer in Kundalini Yoga by the Kundalini Research Institute. He has contributed to teach courses for men in several occasions in France and Germany. 

He is a wise and a versatile teacher who has specialized in asanas, postures and the application of techniques of this sacred science. Besides being also a talented musician, he has his own Yoga Therapy Centre in Germany, in which he has treated hundreds of patients as a Certified Holistic Healer since 1998. 

He is also the Chairman of the German Kundalini Yoga Association (3HO Germany), as well as a skillful instructor of Gatka, an Indian style of Martial Arts. Karta Purkh lives with his wife and daughter in Hamburg. Website: www.yogaelemente.de

Kuldip Singh Khalsa

Khalsa is the International Ambassador and Lead Trainer for TAIYODO International. He is a Master Bodyworker, Teacher and Mentor. Kuldip has extensive training in the Martial Arts (34 years), Kundalini yoga (20 years) and in the Healing Arts (18 years) with professional licenses and certifications in these fields.

Kuldip is a New York native, and that is where he, at the age of eight, met Grandmaster Richard McGinty (Hong Hu) and began to train Martial Arts with him until the present. In his early twenties he was also introduced to Kundalini Yoga. He also met healing teacher Dyal S. Khalsa, NMT who shared his extensive knowledge of bodywork and Reiki. 

Kuldip greatest pleasures comes from being a husband and a loving father to his two children. Khalsa lives and continues a full time practice in Helsinki, Finland. Website: www.taiyodo.org